The Special Zoki Horror Picture Show with Krankšvester

Vernissage: Freitag, 9. Mai ab 19:00

THE BOEM Gallery
Koppstraße 26
1160 Wien


Last chance!
with::: Krankšvester (Sett & 3ki Stil)

One mayor conflict in our first for years – was a non public event, the famous first serbian “gay-wedding” at our Gallery. That evening many of our frequent costumers outed themselves as homophob war Veterans. Luckily the wedding party was so good – that their mind was blown – and everything went pretty fine. Just threats in the beginning, later just party. I spare you the juicy details for now! But that conflict, among others has been one of our main focus point analysing and locating our
practice alongside discourses like empowerment, art practice, interventions, working with all the contradictions our class based society does provide us —- AND Fucking YES relocates us again right back to our starting point. But sorry, won’t be point Zero;
and yes, you probably know it – first time it comes as a farce: NBGO* – SECOND TIME as a tradegy ::: Austrocalypse NOW! and third???
well. POLIT-BURLESQUE ::: ARTIONIST – opera – the great ::: “The ZOKI HORROR PICTURE SHOW”

The Zoki Horror PICTURE SHOW is slightly inspired by the work of Klaus Theweleit, such as Pocahontas, Männerphantasien, Logical, Radical, Criminal,
furthermore our own writings, readings, encounters …